flying saucer balls

  • Flying saucer/Grinding steel balls

    Flying saucer/Grinding steel balls

    1.Product features:  flying saucer polishing balls is mainly made of high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel wire after cold heading and polishing into a flying saucer shape, so it is called the flying saucer ball. Mirror state.

    2.Application areas:Flying Saucer ball, which looks like a flying saucer or UFO dish, is widely used for hardware。 Applied to non-ferrous metal parts of stainless steel, copper parts, aluminum alloy and other materials, such as forging parts, die-casting parts, machined parts, etc. Deburring, flashing, rounding, descaling, rust removal, strengthening metal surface, bright Polishing etc.

    Common specifications of Dish-shaped polishing balls are: 1*3mm, 2*4mm, 4*6mm, 5*7mm, 3.5*5.5mm, 4.5*7mm, 6*8mm, 8*11mm, etc.;

    Our factory can also process and customize various types of flying saucer balls according to the size required by customers, with short delivery time, fast delivery, large quantity and preferential prices.