What are the classifications of carbon steel balls?

1. According to the material, it is divided into low carbon steel balls, medium carbon steel balls, high carbon steel balls, the main materials are 1010-1015, 1045, 1085, etc.;

2. According to the hardness, it is divided into soft balls and hard balls, which is to judge whether heat treatment is required: the hardness after heat treatment increases, about HRC60-66, commonly known as hard balls in the industry; the hardness without heat treatment is relatively low, about HRC40-50, commonly known as soft ball in the industry;

3. According to whether it is polished or not, it is divided into black ball and bright ball, that is, the lower grinding ball is not polished, which is commonly called black ball in the industry; the polished surface is as bright as a mirror surface, commonly known as bright ball in the industry;

Post time: Jan-27-2021