What is the role of steel balls in rolling bearings?

What is the role of steel balls in rolling bearings?

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The following Kangda steel ball will give you a brief introduction:

Steel balls, also known as balls, as the key parts of rolling bearings, play the role of carrying and transmitting loads and motions in the bearing, and have a greater impact on the life of the bearing and the vibration and noise.

Any point on the surface of the steel ball is the working surface that bears the load. It bears the variable load with indefinite period. The contact area is small and the contact stress is large.

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The entire surface of the steel ball is both a processing surface and a supporting surface. Therefore, the processing technology of steel balls is also very unique and specialized in the machinery industry, and has very high requirements for raw materials, process technology, processing equipment, tooling and abrasives, and grinding fluids.

It can be seen that the production of steel balls is not a simple matter, but a series of production processes, which are determined by many processes.

Whether the steel ball is done well or not directly affects the quality of the rolling bearing. Therefore, we must control the quality of the steel ball.

In the future, Kangda Steel Ball will also introduce each process in the production process to you.

Post time: Feb-17-2022