What raw materials are mainly used for bearing chrome steel balls?

Today, Condar steel ball will briefly introduce to you:

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1. Mainly use GCr15 wire, also called AISI52100, 100Cr6, SUJ2.

Due to its moderate price and easy heat treatment, GCr15 wire is the most widely used, accounting for more than 85%.

2. If it is used in applications that require more corrosion resistance than durability, use stainless steel balls such as 440C;

3. For special purposes such as aircraft, it is required to use high-speed tool steel (tungsten steel ball YG6/YG8, etc.) and heat-resistant steel (M50) that are better than GCr15 in heat resistance;

Special-purpose steel balls usually have higher material costs and higher processing costs due to the implementation of complex heat treatment processes (such as high temperature quenching, multiple tempering, cold treatment, etc.).

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Post time: Feb-24-2022