ZrO2 Ceramic balls

Short Description:

Production process: isostatic pressing, air pressure sintering;

Density: 6.0g/cm3;

Color: white, milky white, milky yellow;

Grade: G5-G1000;

Specifications: 1.5mm-101.5mm;

ZrO2  Ceramic beads have good overall roundness, smooth surface, excellent toughness, wear resistance and impact resistance, and will not break during high-speed operation; the extremely small friction coefficient makes the zirconium beads very low in wear. The density is higher than other ceramic grinding media, which can increase the solid content of the material or increase the material flow.

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The zirconia ceramic ball is resistant to high temperature and can work stably in a high temperature environment below 1000 degrees Celsius with little volume change. It has excellent thermal vibration performance, and the thermal vibration temperature is 200-260 degrees Celsius.

Application field: Mainly used in the ultrafine grinding and dispersion of high viscosity and high hardness materials under the environment that requires sterility and zero pollution;


Compared with steel balls, the main advantages of ceramic balls are:

(1) It is 59% lighter than steel balls, which reduces the centrifugal force, rolling and abrasion on the raceway when the bearing is running at high speed;

(2) The modulus of elasticity is 44% larger than that of steel, which means that the amount of deformation is much smaller than that of steel balls when subjected to force;

(3) Hardness is higher than steel, HRC reaches 78;

(4) The coefficient of friction is small, non-magnetic, electrically insulated, and more resistant to chemical corrosion than steel;

(5) The coefficient of thermal expansion is 1/4 of that of steel, which can withstand sudden temperature changes;

(6) The surface finish is better, Ra can reach 4-6 nanometers;

(7) High temperature resistance, the ceramic ball still has high strength and hardness at 1050 degrees Celsius;

(8) It will not rust and can work under oil-free lubrication conditions.

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