• 440/440C stainless steel balls

    440/440C stainless steel balls

    Product features:440/440C stainless steel ball has high hardness, good rust resistance, wear resistance, magnetism . Can be oily or dry packaging.

    Application areas:440 stainless steel balls are mostly used in industries that have high requirements for precision, hardness, and rust prevention, such as high-speed and low-noise stainless steel bearings, motors, aerospace parts, precision instruments, auto parts, valves, etc.;

  • 420/420C stainless steel ball

    420/420C stainless steel ball

    Product features:420 stainless steel ball has high hardness, good rust resistance, wear resistance, magnetism and low price. Can be oily or dry packaging.

    Application areas:420 stainless steel balls are mostly used in products that require precision, hardness and rust prevention, such as stainless steel bearings, pulley slides, plastic bearings, petroleum accessories, valves, etc.;

  • 304/304HC Stainless steel balls

    304/304HC Stainless steel balls

    Product features: 304 are austenitic stainless steel balls, with low hardness, good rust and corrosion resistance;Oil-free, dry packaging;

    Application areas: 304 stainless steel balls are food-grade steel balls and are most widely used. They are mostly used for food grinding, cosmetic accessories, medical equipment accessories, electrical switches, washing machine refrigerator accessories, baby bottle accessories, etc.;

  • Drilled balls/thread balls/Punch balls/Tapping balls

    Drilled balls/thread balls/Punch balls/Tapping balls


    Material: aisi1010/ aisi1015/ Q235/ Q195/ 304/ 316;

    We can process and customize various through-hole balls and half-hole balls according to customer requirements or drawings.

    Punch balls have the following forms:

    1. Blind hole: that is, no penetration, half hole or a certain depth according to customer requirements. The aperture can be large or small.

    2. Through hole: that is, punch through, the hole diameter can be large or small.

    3. Tapping: thread tapping, M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8, etc.

    4. Chamfering: It can be chamfered at one end or at both ends to make it smooth and flat without burrs.

  • ZrO2 Ceramic balls

    ZrO2 Ceramic balls

    Production process: isostatic pressing, air pressure sintering;

    Density: 6.0g/cm3;

    Color: white, milky white, milky yellow;

    Grade: G5-G1000;

    Specifications: 1.5mm-101.5mm;

    ZrO2  Ceramic beads have good overall roundness, smooth surface, excellent toughness, wear resistance and impact resistance, and will not break during high-speed operation; the extremely small friction coefficient makes the zirconium beads very low in wear. The density is higher than other ceramic grinding media, which can increase the solid content of the material or increase the material flow.

  • Si3N4 ceramic balls

    Si3N4 ceramic balls

    Production process: isostatic pressing, air pressure sintering;

    Color: black or gray;

    Density: 3.2-3.3g/cm3;

    Accuracy grade: G5-G1000;

    Main size: 1.5mm-100mm;


    Si3N4 ceramic balls are precision ceramics sintered at high temperature in a non-oxidizing atmosphere. Except for hydrofluoric acid, it does not react with other inorganic acids.

  • Brass balls/Copper balls

    Brass balls/Copper balls

    Product features:Brass balls mainly use H62/65 brass, which are usually used in various electrical appliances, switches, polishing, and conductive.

    The copper ball has very good anti-rust ability not only to water, gasoline, petroleum, but also to benzene, butane, methyl acetone, ethyl chloride and other chemicals.

    Application areas: Mainly used for valves, sprayers, instruments, pressure gauges, water meters, carburetor, electrical accessories, etc.

  • Flying saucer/Grinding steel balls

    Flying saucer/Grinding steel balls

    1.Product features:  flying saucer polishing balls is mainly made of high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel wire after cold heading and polishing into a flying saucer shape, so it is called the flying saucer ball. Mirror state.

    2.Application areas:Flying Saucer ball, which looks like a flying saucer or UFO dish, is widely used for hardware。 Applied to non-ferrous metal parts of stainless steel, copper parts, aluminum alloy and other materials, such as forging parts, die-casting parts, machined parts, etc. Deburring, flashing, rounding, descaling, rust removal, strengthening metal surface, bright Polishing etc.

    Common specifications of Dish-shaped polishing balls are: 1*3mm, 2*4mm, 4*6mm, 5*7mm, 3.5*5.5mm, 4.5*7mm, 6*8mm, 8*11mm, etc.;

    Our factory can also process and customize various types of flying saucer balls according to the size required by customers, with short delivery time, fast delivery, large quantity and preferential prices.

  • AISI1015 Carbon steel balls

    AISI1015 Carbon steel balls

    Product features: Carbon steel balls are cost-effective and widely used. Compared with bearing steel balls, low carbon steel balls have less hardness and wear resistance than the latter, and have a shorter service life;

    Application areas:Carbon steel balls  are mostly used for hardware accessories, welding or counterweights, such as hangers, casters, slides, simple bearings, toy accessories, electronic accessories, handicrafts, shelves, small hardware, etc.; they can also be used for polishing or grinding medium;

  • AISI52100 Bearing/chrome steel balls

    AISI52100 Bearing/chrome steel balls

    Product features: bearing steel balls have high hardness, high precision, wear resistance and long service life;

    Oily packaging, ferritic steel, magnetic;

    Application areas:

    1. High-precision bearing steel balls are widely used in high-speed silent bearing assembly, auto parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, hardware parts, drawer slides, guide rails, universal balls, electronics industry, etc.;

    2.Low-precision bearing steel balls can be used as grinding and polishing media;

  • Glass ball

    Glass ball

    scientific name soda lime glass solid ball. The main ingredient is sodium calcium. Also known as crystal glass ball-soda lime ball.


    Density of soda lime glass: about 2.4g/cm³;

    1.Chemical properties: The high-strength solid glass beads have stable chemical properties, high strength, low wear, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties.

    2.Use:It is widely used in paints, inks, pigments, pesticides, rubber and other industries. It is suitable for the cleaning and polishing of large and small metal, plastic, gold and silver jewelry, diamonds and other objects. It not only restores the smoothness of the processed objects, but also strengthens the strength accuracy and special color effects of the objects themselves, and the loss of the objects is very small. Ideal material with special effects for surface treatment of various products and precious metals. It is also a must-have product in the work of grinders and ball mills. It can also be used as a seal, etc.